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Submersible drainage and sewage pumps


Submersible drainage pump

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Technical data

Submersible drainage pump constructed with composite polymers developed especially for this product.
These new rustproof materials are resistant to corrosion, indeformable at maximum temperature differentials in the pump and motor and resistant to internal and external strain.
Shaft of chrome steel AISI 430. Three lip seals in NBR.
Minimum dimension and high levels of performance, for flow rates up to 200 liters/min.
With float switch for automatic start/stop.

- For clean or slightly dirty water.
- For draining flooded rooms or tanks.
- Extraction of water from ponds, flowing water or pits for collection of rain water. 
- For irrigation purposes.
- For use outdoor, the power supply cable shall have a length not less than 10 m.

Coverage chart.

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