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El shark was founded by engineer Abd elHamid Tawfik. El shark started manufacturing pumps and assembling them with electrical motors and diesel engines.

This is a short historic of how we started this company and where are we now:



The beginning of the road

El shark engineering and Agencies Company was established and has grown to be a major player in the electromechanical market.


 1975 Open Door Policy

the open door policy was initiated by the time the present c.e.o Aiman Tawfik and the vice president Osama Tawfik joined the company.
El shark started to import pumps, electrical motors, diesel engines, generators, float switches, pressure switches, accumulators and valves from many well known companies.

 1982 Focusing
el shark started to filtrate the business and concentrate its efforts in the most successful and well organized companies which their concepts are matching with el shark
elshark presented became the leading companies in Egypt.

A very succsessful company
ELshark maintain the leading position of water pumps and become one of the leader on Power switch gears.


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